Right in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo is Tempo Vino Winery, the only winery in the area where you can actually taste and make your own wine from grapes grown in France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and California.




Whether you're an amateur sommelier or a first time taster, one of the most unique experiences at Tempo Vino is the opportunity to make your own wine. You start off at the tasting bar where you sample wines to decide which varietal you would like to make. Then the staff at the winery will put together a recipe for your wine based on your tastes.



The fermentation takes several months, then when your wine is ready, they will call you to schedule a bottling date. Then they'll show you how to fill, cork, label, and seal your wine bottles!



It's important to note that Tempo Vino stresses that planning ahead is key when making your wine. The fruit flavored wines are ready to drink within a week after bottling. The white wines will need to age for 2 weeks to a month after bottling. The red wines will start to peak at about 4-6 months after bottling and then continue to mature throughout the next year.


To learn more about the Make Your Own Wine experience, go to their website. If you want to schedule your winemaking appointment, call the winery at us at (269) 342-9463 or send them an email.