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Local Spotlight: Lori Gottschling’s Favorite Things to do in Kalamazoo

Posted on September 26th, 2014


Lori Gottschling is an intern at Discover Kalamazoo who enjoys all things related to coffee and photography. Keep an eye out for Lori at upcoming events in Kalamazoo! :)

Lori Gottschling is an intern at Discover Kalamazoo who enjoys all things related to coffee and photography. Keep an eye out for Lori at upcoming events in Kalamazoo! 🙂

• Favorite restaurant?  This is difficult for me to answer, because trying new restaurants is my absolute favorite thing to do in Kalamazoo.



Summerfest IPA is one of my favorite drink options at Bravo! This IPA is very earthy and holds notes of pineapple and citrus. 🙂


However, I’m going to go with Bravo! Restaurant and Cafe.

Bravo! offers a number of Italian dishes and hand-crafted beers that are all just to die for. I personally love to start my meals at Bravo! with the mushroom soup and an order of the sweet potato and goat cheese ravioli!


• Best breakfast?

I’m going to say The Crow’s Nest.


The banana bread french toast is extremely delicous and topped with cinnamon syrup, walnuts and powdered sugar! 🙂

I chose this spot for a few reasons, atmosphere, pricing and deliciousness. 😉 First of all, the restaurant itself has a lovely feel to it. Located above Fourth Coast Café, this quaint spot is lined with brick walls covered with unique artwork by some of

Kalamazoo’s talent. The staff is friendly, down to earth and always up to snuff on their menu!

The pricing at Crow’s Nest is also something to make note of. For delicious and unique cuisine you can expect to pay a very fair amount of money and leave feeling full and satisfied! 🙂

Try any of the french toast options, because they’re all way too delicious!


• Top hangout?

My favorite hangout in Kalamazoo is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, hands down. In addition to eating as much food as possible, I love pretty much all things related to cinema. It only makes sense that I would adore a place that offers a full menu and a show! 🙂

The Alamo Drafthouse has something for everyone! Trivia nights, quote-alongs and Saturday morning cartoon screenings!

Alamodraft house cinema Kalamazoo

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a downtown Kalamazoo treasure. It is the first dine-in movie theatre in the city! 🙂

Plus, they offer reduced student rates with your student ID, which is great for a college student like me! 🙂






• Favorite thing about Kalamazoo? (Continue)

My favorite thing about Kalamazoo is all that it has to offer. Kalamazoo has so many diverse activities and events to give to our community members and guests!

When staying in Kalamazoo, you can expect to have a great time in the city, but also have the option to drive out into the country at any given moment!

There really is so much to be discovered here in Kalamazoo.



• Coolest Kalamazoo-history fact?

My favorite history fact about Kalamazoo would be that the familiar old yellow taxicabs were produced in Kalamazoo by The Checker Cab Company until production stopped in the early 80’s.

I’m a HUGE Mad Men geek and I can’t help but smile every time Don Draper hails a cab that was produced in Kalamazoo!






• Favorite Kalamazoo festival/event?

My favorite Kalamazoo festival would have to be Kalamazoo Pride Festival. This was actually my first year attending Pride and it will absolutely not be my last! The welcoming energy that lingers around Acadia Creek Festival site during Kalamazoo Pride is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. I made new friends and shared laughs with so many people that I may not have ever met had it not been for Pride Fest!



• Favorite place to grab a drink?

BellsBeer(The Mead)

Enjoy “The Mead” at Bell’s Brewery! 🙂

I’m excited about this question, because I just celebrated my 21st birthday! Although I am very new to the Kalamazoo drinking scene, I would have to pin Bell’s Brewery as my favorite place to grab a drink in the area.


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is another crowd favorite!

If you’re looking for a great atmosphere to hang out with friends and grab some delicious brews, Bell’s is the place for you!









• Hidden gem in greater Kalamazoo?

I’m not sure if it can be considered a hidden gem, but Black Owl Cafe is the first location that comes to mind.If you are a coffee lover like me you have to add Black Owl Cafe to your list of coffee locations.

Black Owl Cafe offers a number of coffees and teas with different brewing techniques for guests to enjoy. Not only that, but the interior of the cafe is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen!





I think the biggest mistake you can make while living in Kalamazoo is to not venture out and see all of the different things that the area has to offer! Kalamazoo is rich in culture and diversity and welcomes all visitors with open arms!




Click here for more cool things to do in Kalamazoo! 🙂



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