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My first Quote-Along movie at Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo

Posted on March 26th, 2014
Kayla Kiley

From left, Kayla Kiley and Emily Lindberg, both of Kalamazoo, act out a “whodunit” scene with props before attending the quote-along movie Clue at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in downtown Kalamazoo. Photo credit: Yelp Kalamazoo.

Kayla Kiley

You can find Kayla Kiley wrapping up in the unparalleled beauty of Michigan summers, grooving to local live music, sipping on the inventive craft-beer scene, joining foodie tours, oil painting, ballroom dancing, and simply exploring the world around her.

Kalamazoo, Mich. — Love to quote movies? Then a quote-along movie is just the ticket for you!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in downtown Kalamazoo offers quote-alongs! Yes, you can unite with your fellow quoters!

Haven’t seen the movie? That’s OK! I saw the movie Clue for the first time at the quote along!

Every now and then during the movie, you’ll see subtitles pop up. Similar to karaoke, the color of the text changes to match the speed in which the character is speaking. At the Clue quote-along, there were a few times in which the whole audience was wrapped up in super-fast monologues — that sure tested my speed-reading and usually got everyone laughing. The subtitles also popped up for random phrases here and there.

Alamo gave us a little bell and flashlight, and every time a character rang the doorbell in the movie, we rang our bell! Note: there was a “countdown bell” in the corner of the screen to help us out. And the flashlight? Any time a character was searching in a dark room, we assisted by shining our lights on the screen.

We also had one of those confetti poppers that you usually get on New Year’s Eve to “fire” off anytime somebody shot a gun. A little gun icon also appeared in the corner of the screen, which featured a countdown to help prep us to “shoot.”

Plus, we got some cards from the Clue boardgame, too!

alamo drafthouse kalamazoo

These Clue board game cards were among the many fun items that were given to Clue quote-along goers at Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo. Photo credit: Yelp Kalamazoo.

Alamo Drafthouse pulled out all the stops — it even invented a special cocktail for the movie: The Mrs. Peacocktail. I’m a sucker for a good pun… and a good drink!

Alamo also features a full menu for brunch, lunch and dinner. Order everything from pizzas and wraps to hamburgers (veggie burgers for me) to warm cookies, shakes and hot teas. And, of course, their draft list is fantastic with 20 Michigan craft beers (32 beers total) — and you can even order a beer-shake!

Note: Alamo recommends showing up 30 minutes before your movie to find your seats, explore the extensive menu (while the lights are up) and enjoy the custom pre-show.

Usually when I’m at the movies, it’s more of a shared experience with the person(s) I’m with. However, this quote-along was so interactive that it united the whole audience together — we were quoting, shining our flashlights and firing “guns” all together. The best part was laughing together — whether it’s because we couldn’t read the speedy monologues fast enough or someone fired their “gun” way too late. I just felt incredibly connected to this group of people I didn’t know nor had really met.

alamo drafthouse kalamazoo

The audience at the quote-along movie Clue had lots of fun together as they quoted, rang bells, shined flashlights and “shot guns” together. Photo credit: Yelp Kalamazoo.

I will definitely go to another quote-along! (Zoolander, anyone?) And I’m also eying Alamo’s sing-alongs, such as “The Sound of Music” and dance parties like, “Totally 80s Sing-Along Dance Party” and the “Michael Jackson Sing-Along Dance Party!” Eeeeep!

Beyond all the quirky fun, Alamo also features first-run, classic, cult-classic and independent films. There are even throw-back and Saturday-morning cartoons and films shown just for new parents (who are invited to bring their baby to the theatre)!

Plus, if there’s a movie you’ve been dying to see once again on the big screen, simply request it — Alamo takes suggestions and could make your wishes come true!

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