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Recommendations For Your Next Golf Outing in Kalamazoo

Posted on August 7th, 2018

Need help planning your next golf outing in Kalamazoo? Check out our interview with a member of the Discover Kalamazoo team for local course and club house suggestions!

Be sure to download your FREE copy of our Golf Guide. We’ve also highlighted some of the most beloved courses in West Michigan with our Swing (269) list. You can check that out here.




Tell us about yourself and your golfing experience:


I am Cam and I have been with Discover Kalamazoo for 15 years.


I began golfing around the age of 8 with my family and have always found it enjoyable and relaxing.  I’m not too serious about it so I don’t get frustrated or throw clubs (which I have witnessed).  However, I don’t enjoy playing if it’s cold or rainy.




Out of all the courses that visitors can enjoy in Kalamazoo County, which are your favorites? What specific characteristics define some of your favorite courses?


As with kids or pets, I can’t name a favorite.  I like the variety of the courses that our area has to choose from. I tend to rate courses on landscaping and views rather than degree of difficulty.






Are there well-known or unique events that golfers would enjoy at some of the courses throughout the year?


Most courses will hold various events at their courses throughout the season. I play in a few holiday tournaments.  You could call any course to find out what they have going on.





>> Check out some of the upcoming events in the area here or here. << 




Which course(s) would you recommend for beginners?


Red Arrow is a nice city (walking) course which is a nine-hole course. I would also recommend that if someone is serious about golf to take some lessons.  Also, more importantly, to learn golf etiquette.






>> Want to get the scoop on local golf lessons available? Here are some great options! >>




Which course(s) would you recommend for experienced golfers?


So many beautiful choices, but probably the courses at Gull Lake View which include Gull Lake View West, Gull Lake View East, Stonehedge North, Stonehedge South and Stoatin Brae.






Do you have a favorite time of year to golf in Kalamazoo?


I enjoy the changing seasons – there is a different feeling to all of them.






Where do you recommend golfers go before or after a game to wind up or wind down?


 The on-site clubhouse bar or deck, have a drink, and watch others play in.






>> Some great on-site restaurants to consider: <<

  • Blue Stem – Blue Stem pairs a relaxed atmosphere with superior service, creative cuisine, and a full-service bar.
  • Charles & Darl’s – Charles & Darl’s Smokehouse & Grill is the place to enjoy any meal of the day while overlooking the first hole on The East course at Gull Lake View.
  • Creekside Grille – Creekside Grille is the perfect clubhouse stop for great restaurant quality food after a round of golf at Angels Crossing.