Visit the Park Trades Center

Planning a visit to Kalamazoo? You can take classes from other artists and craftsmen that call the Park Trades Center home!


Hit The Trails

Kalamazoo offers a wide variety of bicycle trails for riders of any level, from scenic trails that meander through meadows and overlook the river, to challenging single tracks, you’ll find the perfect trail for your adventure.


Kalamazoo Beer Tour and Mini Cornhole Challenge

Thursday APRIL 6, 2017 - Limited tickets available Must be 21 years old with valid driver license to attend. Register online today!


Kalamazoo Museums & Attractions

Kalamazoo’s museums and area attractions embrace nature, history, education and art to ignite your imagination.


Pets of (269)™

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Style (269)™

Our vibrant Art Deco downtown, eclectic shopping venues, surrounding malls and retail outlets prov… Read More


Number 215 of (269)™ – Vicksburg Historic Village

Two-hundred-sixty-nine is not just the area code for Kalamazoo County. It is also the starting numbe… Read More

So Hard To Leave.

Kalamazoo offers so much more than a memorable name. We effortlessly blend energy and innovation with friendliness and a humble attitude. Located in Southwest Michigan, about two hours from Chicago, Kalamazoo features a vibrant and progressive downtown that sets the stage for quality dining, eclectic shops and galleries, and live entertainment. Plus, you’re never far from lakes and outdoor recreation, festivals, and world-class attractions.

Experience the place with a big city mindset and a small town heart. Once you make the trip, you’ll be back for more. We promise.




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