Connect With Our Team

Jane Ghosh

Jane Ghosh President and CEO

Administration & Operations

Reed Benton

Reed Benton Director of Operations & Destination Services

Mallory Hernandez

Mallory Hernandez Office Manager


Dana Wagner

Dana Wagner Director of Marketing & Communications

Alyssa Seedorff Headshot

Alyssa Seedorff Senior Manager of Content Strategy & Development

Taylor Abfall

Taylor Abfall Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Business Development: Meetings & Sports Events

Brian Persky

Brian Persky, STS, SDLT Director of Business Development

photo of Viviana Vidal

Viviana Vidal Senior Manager of Business Development

Ashley Peruchietti

Ashley Peruchietti, CMP Senior Manager of Group Services

Taya Pettis

Taya Pettis Business Development Coordinator

Justin Zeldes

Justin Zeldes Sports Event Development Manager

Destination Service Specialists

Jennie Ko

Jennie Ko Destination Service Specialist

Raina Skeels

Raina Skeels Destination Service Specialist

Monica Tufts

Monica Tufts Destination Service Specialist

As the organization charged with promoting Kalamazoo County to visitors, we’re looking for people who share our love and passion for this community!