Hot Glass On Tap

Expect a festive atmosphere with exciting visuals, groovy music, gorgeous art, and delicious food & drink! It's Hot Glass on Tap!



This exhibition displays the artwork of some famous classics such as The Poky Little Puppy, Tootle, The Shy Little Kitten, Tawny Scrawny Lion, I Can Fly, The Great Big Fire Engine Book, and many others.


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So Hard To Leave.

Kalamazoo offers so much more than a memorable name. We effortlessly blend energy and innovation with friendliness and a humble attitude. Located in Southwest Michigan, about two hours from Chicago, Kalamazoo features a vibrant and progressive downtown that sets the stage for quality dining, eclectic shops and galleries, and live entertainment. Plus, you’re never far from lakes and outdoor recreation, festivals, and world-class attractions.

Experience the place with a big city mindset and a small town heart. Once you make the trip, you’ll be back for more. We promise.

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