Gilmore International Piano Festival

Returns spring of 2024

The biennial Gilmore International Piano Festival in Kalamazoo celebrates the piano in all its variety and depth: including jazz, classical, pop, folk, swing, blues, gospel, and everything in between. You'll encounter the piano as a solo instrument, with orchestras, in trios and duos, in bands and ensembles, and even in digitized form. If you've never been to the Gilmore Piano Festival and even if you don't know much about piano music, there's definitely something for everyone with over 100 events in two weeks.

The next Gilmore Piano Festival will occur in 2024, however, there are plenty of great events from The Gilmore to enjoy in the meantime! Experience the best of classical and jazz piano legends, as well as new artists at the beginning of their careers.


Check out what's coming up this year to tide you over until the Gilmore Piano Festival is back in 2024:

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