Summer in Kalamazoo

Afternoons on the patio with a cold drink in-hand and nights exploring the city; In Kalamazoo, summertime means nonstop entertainment, or lazy beach days simply doing nothing at all—and loving every minute of it.

The Perfect Outdoor and Urban Weekend Itinerary

If your ideal weekend involves channeling your inner nature enthusiast one minute, then strolling past colorful murals while sipping handcrafted cocktails the next, we'd argue that Kalamazoo was made for you.

Aerial view of a person diving into the water from a boat

Stay For The Weekend

The first weekend in June prepares for Kalamazoo's sunniest season with festivals that are beloved by both the community and visitors far and wide.


Movement and Meditation

Join Kara for movement + meditation practice. This 45-minute class begins with movement to re-align the physical body. Pranayama collects and directs life force to prepare for a seated practice. Each session culminates with a…

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