Parents, the Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum is a must-stop for kids of all ages!  With more than 100 artifacts, a multi-sensory atmosphere, and exciting artwork and exhibits, you can immerse yourself in unmatched experiences. Between simulators, rides, games, and bi-plane flights – the young and young at heart will have a great time at the Air Zoo in Michigan.    


Adventure Awaits at the Air Zoo in Michigan


Space program exhibit at Air Zoo

First and foremost, the Air Zoo is the perfect place to find unique, indoor adventure. With the 3D HD Full-Motion Flight simulator, visitors are able to take control of a plane, with the ability to do stunts, experience a dogfight over the Pacific, or battle against robots. It’s one of the most advanced flight simulators in the country as it projects 360-degrees, has full-motion action, including barrel rolls and high-speed maneuvers, and is 3D HD.


Not only will you be able to get the hands-on experience of some of the planes that make up the Air Zoo, you’ll also be able to feel history come alive in the RealD 3D/4D Missions Theater. The theater will move with you as you experience being dropped into the middle of a World War II bombing mission or breathtaking star trails traveled by NASA astronauts - all from your seat.   You can even get a real airplane experience from May–September and take a Bi-Plane Ride with the museum’s own bi-plane expert, Waldo Wright. Your child’s sense of adventure will truly come to life when you visit the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo.      



Did Someone Say Historic Aircrafts?


An aircraft on display at the Air Zoo

The Kalamazoo, Michigan Air Zoo is jam-packed with history, featuring over 50 rare and historic aircrafts within its walls. The museum even houses the only SR-71B Blackbird left in the world, a long-range, advanced spy plane used by the U.S. Air Force during the Cold War, and an XP-Ascender, a 1940s prototype fighter aircraft. The Air Zoo museum includes several different historical exhibits including the Guadalcanal Memorial Museum: a multi-sensory and immersive exhibit on the battles of the Guadalcanal Campaign of World War II. It also hosts the Women in Aviation exhibit, an exhibit honoring women in aviation and space, and the Black Wings exhibit, created by the Smithsonian, honoring African American contributions to aerospace and aviation. Check out the Air Zoo's full list of exhibits and historical learning opportunities here.    



A One-of-a-Kind the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo!


Aircraft on display at Air Zoo

All-in-all, the Air Zoo museum truly provides a one-of-a-kind experience to all who step through the doors. Not only does it provide loads of adventure and history, it also contains unique opportunities like the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame and the Wild Weather Exhibit. The Wild Weather Exhibit examines the science of severe weather including the destruction of tornadoes, flying through a hurricane, and more. The museum is one of the only places that visitors can experience such a wide variety of aviation experiences. With the most recent addition of the Imagination Playground, kids of all ages will also be able to utilize their creativity during their visit. The Air Zoo is the perfect place for kids of all ages to explore, learn, and create in an environment that encourages discovery of the world of aviation.


The opportunities are limitless when you visit the Air Zoo on your next visit to Kalamazoo. And if you’re here from out of town or looking to stay a couple days, we can help you plan your trip that's fun for the whole family! We have plenty of affordable and great options to stay at the center of it all. 

Looking for more information on the Air Zoo in Michigan? Check out their contact information, location, and hours below! 


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