Every day can be National Pizza Day when you celebrate with a pie from Kalamazoo!


Kalamazoo is home to so many amazing pizza places and pizza "staples, that it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to go and what to order.


Since so many of our local pizza joints have their own cult followings, we figured it would be fun to share a few different spots in Kalamazoo that offer some really bomb pizza that you may not know about! 



Neds on Gull Lake



If there was ever a lesser-known pizza in Kalamazoo, Ned's Pickle Pizza might take the cake! It has a base much like their cheese sticks, then they add crunchy pickle slices and sliced ham on top, with a ranch and cream cheese drizzle added after it is cooked; truly a pickle wrap lovers dream! 


Ned's also offers beer and wine bottles for takeout and delivery orders! For delivery, there will be a $15 minimum order, as well as a $3 delivery fee.








Bruno's Pizza is a family friendly restaurant with delicious pizzas and subs. They're a family owned business and have been open in Kalamazoo for over 50 years. Bruno's is considered a Kalamazoo and WMU tradition by locals, alumni and visitors!


It's an old-fashioned family run pizzeria, and most people say that it's so good, the plain cheese is the way to go! 






Sarkozy Bakery



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Sarkozy Bakery has been a Kalamazoo staple since 1978. Located downtown on East Michigan Avenue, they're most famous for their bread and pastries, but also boast a wonderful lunch menu that includes personal pizzas! According to their website, the dough is the soul of a pizza and is thin and delicious.


You can watch the crust rise in their two special ovens, which bake pizzas in about 3 minutes at about 666 degrees! 







Final Gravity Brewing Company- Kalamazoo


Final Gravity Brewing Company may be known for their craft beers, but did you know they also have amazing wood fired pizzas? On Fridays and Saturdays, order up a pizza with their hand made crusts like this chicken bacon ranch style and enjoy it with your beer!






Louie's Trophy House



Louie's Trophy House is famously known as the oldest bar in Kalamazoo - since 1918! Nestled in the heart of the River's Edge District, Louie’s Trophy House is a Kalamazoo favorite with delicious food, great drinks and fun entertainment throughout the week.


All of their pizzas are made with Louies homemade crust and fresh mozzarella. The BBQ Chicken Pizza is a fan favorite - topped with chicken, bacon, red onion, pineapple and Louie’s homemade BBQ sauce!









Comensoli's offers a wide range of Italian dishes "straight out of Nona’s cookbook". They feature a wine list and full bar with a martini list to die for!


We chose Comensoli's for this list because pizza isn't the first thing you think to order there, even though their specialty is Italian home-style cooking. Truthfully, their entrees steal the show so often (because they're amazing!) that their pizza doesn't get enough credit!