Running a small business is no small task, which is why we’re lucky to have so many wonderful locally-owned shops here in Kalamazoo! Each one of the following boutiques and gift stores offer unique, fun and quirky finds, and they just so happen to all be owned or co-owned by women in our community. How neat is that?

Adrianne’s Boutique

Adrianne’s Boutique is located Downtown Kalamazoo and provides unique and affordable women’s clothing to all sizes!

Amy Zane & Earthly Delights

Amy Zane and Earthly Delights depend on a stellar team of artsy individuals. Together their synergy has created an exceptionally alluring gallery in Kalamazoo where almost anyone will find a piece of art that speaks to them.

Bee Joyful Shop

What is now “Bee Joyful Shop” started as a simple idea. Creating and using sustainable, Earth-friendly materials to store food, instead of harmful plastic wraps, isn’t new. I remember my grandmother used cloth wraps as a way of sealing food long before plastic wrap was invented. In fact, wax coated cloths date back to the Egyptians…they were pretty darn good at preserving things!

The journey from Etsy shop, to wholesaling, to a small work space and now to our own Zero Waste brick and mortar location has been an amazing one! We will be offering plastic free alternatives to the items you most commonly use for personal and home care. We strive to keep packaging material coming into the store a bare minimum, using 100% recycled materials and zero plastic going out to customers.

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Lana’s Boutique

Lana’s carries clothing, accessories & premium denim that will add sparkle to your soul! Located on the Mall, they’ve been a downtown favorite and staple for years!

Lee & Birch


Lee & Birch wants every woman who shops with them to leave feeling better and more confident than they were when they walked in! They offer high quality clothing and accessories in both classics that will be a staple in your closet and modern styles that hit the most up-to-date trends.

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Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade specializes in unique gifts for ‘children.home.and her.’ We believe in the art of gift giving and celebrating the little things, and we have a variety  for everyone– from your grandmother, to a mom, baby, or even a bride-to-be. We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, and even a little something special for yourself!

Spirit of Kalamazoo

The Spirit of Kalamazoo opened in September of 2011 by Andrew and Kathleen Widner. This marked the completion of a one year planning process that was aided by the Small Business Development & Technology Center (SBDTC) at WMU and also the Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. Incubator program.

The Spirit of Kalamazoo’s goal is to provide an inviting venue where everyone is welcome to enjoy Plainwell Ice Cream year-round or to browse the wide selection of Kalamazoo and Michigan-themed products. “We have tried to make the store and patio visually interesting, while offering friendly service and unique products at fair prices,” said the Widners.

Terrapin World Imports

Founded in 1989, Terrapin World Wide Imports has dedicated itself to bringing you some of the most exotic and unusual clothing, jewelry, and artifacts from around the world. Family owned and operated.

Tulip’s Little Pop Up Shop

Tulip’s Little Pop Up Shop is a fun boutique featuring a unique assortment of women’s apparel & accessories and offering a personalized shopping experience for its customers.

Tulip’s Little Pop Up Shop is a fun boutique featuring a unique assortment of women’s apparel & accessories and offering a personalized shopping experience for its customers.

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