Does being at home have you missing some of your favorite Kalamazoo neighborhoods and attractions? Explore the beauty of Kalamazoo through our new virtual puzzles!

Simply click one of the images below to start your puzzle digitally from your phone or desktop. Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle. Send to your friends and compete to see who can complete their puzzle first!

Struggling to complete the puzzle? Roll over the image icon at the top of the screen to see the finished puzzle image. Re-load the puzzle and change the number of puzzle pieces in the settings to increase or decrease the skill level.

Channel the inner artist, historian or scientist in you; there are world-class attractions in Kalamazoo.

Foodies and beverage lovers alike, rejoice in Kalamazoo. We’re a city full of eclectic tastes and traditional favorites that will satisfy every craving and every taste…