In Kalamazoo, you’ll find a wide range of local growers, farmers and food that is ripe with fresh possibilities!  During the fall, that means all of the apples, pumpkins, squash, cider, donuts and pie that your heart desires!.

Scroll through our list of farmers markets to visit this fall in Kalamazoo and the 269 area.

Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market 


May – November
Saturday:  7am – 2pm

June – October
Tuesday:  7am – 2pm
Thursday:  7am – 2pm

Texas Township Farmer’ Market 

May – October

Saturday: 8am-12pm

June – August

Tuesday: 4pm-6pm

Portage Farmers’ Market 

November – April
Second Sundays: 10am – 2pm

May – October
Sundays: 10am – 2pm

Vicksburg Farmers’ Market

May – October

Fridays: 2pm-6pm

Battle Creek Farmers’ Market

May – October

Wednesday & Saturday: 9am-1pm

Stokes Homestead Farm Market

Opens in May

Tuesday – Sunday: 8am-6pm

South Haven Farmers’ Market

May- October

Saturdays: 8am-2pm

June – August

Wednesdays: 8am-2pm

Piggots Farm Market and Bakery

April – October

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-7pm

Husted’s Farm Market

June – November

Monday-Sunday: 9am-7pm

*November: 9am-5pm*

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