Kalamazoo is fast transforming into a great little biking city in West Michigan. Every day, a growing number of cyclists check their brakes, put air in their tires and head onto our roads and ever expanding network of trails!




1. A Four Season Destination


A bike leaning against a signpost, next to a path

We consider ourselves lucky to experience all four seasons here in Kalamazoo! Not only do our scenic trails provide an ever-changing landscape of gorgeous views, but cyclists of all levels and types can find their ideal riding conditions at some point throughout the calendar year.




2. Plenty of Paved Trails With a Variety of Views


Portage Bicentennial Trail

Whether you’re new to cycling and looking for a less-intense route or you’re more of a distance cyclist, Kalamazoo has an extensive system of paved trails that wind throughout the county, into the city and beyond!




3. Easy Access from Lake to Lake


Aerial view of a bicyclist riding down a road next to a green field

Kalamazoo is one of the many Michigan destinations that are part of Route #1 of The Great Lake-to-Lake Trails! This 275-mile trail is Michigan’s first fully-marked destination trail!




4. Bike Events For All Riders, All Year Round


Mountain bikers on a trail

From races and slow rolls to tours and vintage bike shows, you can find bike-centric events happening in just about every single month of the year! You don’t even need to be an avid cyclist to enjoy Kalamazoo’s bike culture. Below you’ll find examples of some upcoming events. For future planning, be sure to check our Events Calendar and the calendar at Bike Friendly Kalamazoo.




5. Plenty of Breweries to Quench Your Thirst



Kalamazoo is home to so many unique breweries! No matter what trail or route you choose to ride, you’re sure to find a brewery to unwind at along the way.

If acquiring beer is your main goal, and you’re just looking to get to it in style, consider visiting breweries on our list of Six Trails and Six Beers to Discover in Kalamazoo!



Need more reasons to plan your next bike weekend in here? Check out this guide to the perfect Bike Friendly Getaway in Kalamazoo!